Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playing Catch Up...

Here's a brief summary from where we left off... We loved Dallas while it lasted! And I did in fact get to meet Jessica Simpson like I had hoped. I don't mean to sound critical, but most of the other player's girlfriends were much hotter.. sorry Jess, but thanks for getting me hooked on spray tanning! ;) Anyway, Jamar herniated a disc in his neck when the Cowboys practice facility collasped so he can no longer play football, which is sad, but thankfully (besides numb fingers some mornings and headaches) he is fine for everyday life. Some of the others in the accident had it much worse. We went to so many cool events and met lots of fun people in such a short amount of time! All my pictures from Dallas are on my other computer so I'll have to post them later.. if I stop to figure that out I'll never finish!

So we left Dallas and made a quick move to South Jordan, Utah b/c my mom had a cute little 'mother-in-law's quarters' above her garage that was open. It's adorable! It's a studio but it has a complete kitchen with full size appliances and even a washer/dryer combo (as soon as it's done washing it automatically starts drying, no switching necessary, cool right?!). It's quick to get messy but quick to clean up, it's a perfect little home! I could live here forever, but I think that once Jaxon gets in high school he might realize it's weird that his bed is in the bathroom! Jamar got a job as an outside sales rep for RSC Equipment Rentals that he really likes so we're wondering if maybe Utah gets to keep us for awhile?! Who knew! My whole family (both parents and all seven kids) live in here now so it's been great having them around, Jaxon thinks that they are his brothers and sisters since he is the only grandbaby at this point. That's our little life in a nutshell.. any questions??

Sunday, June 28, 2009

An exciting new journey!

So being the faithful Cardinals fans that we are, you can imagine how we might have been a bit twisted when the Cowboys called to make Jamar an offer.. okay that's a lie, we were so excited (mostly b/c Jamar would get the chance to learn from Jason Witten and in hopes that I would get to meet Jessica Simpson)! :) We had ten days to pack up our stuff and move to Dallas! They are putting us up in a Marriott Extended Stay for the summer which is funny b/c I've always said that I wanted to live in a hotel when I grow up, so I'm lovin' life!

We were so sad to say goodbye to our "El Paso Parents" and our sweet doggy!

Jaxon was such a good boy on our LONG trip across Texas

Another successful trip to Rocky Point

Listen to this sweet deal.. my dad's friend needed him to do a little plumbing job in Rocky Point. Well.. that friend happens to own a penthouse suite at Las Palomas Resort that my dad was to stay at while he completed the job, HELLO!! So he calls us up, and we call Jamar's brothers (never thinking that we could really pull off planning a trip in three hours).. and they all dropped what they were doing and loaded up the kids! It was such a blast!

Jaxon pretty much just ate sand and learned how to splash with grandpa all week!

Not sure how Jamar got lucky
enough to be on top...
The boys almost got us kicked out of the resort by screwing around on the hammocks!

This is Jaxon's best friend, cousin and babysitter Porter. He informed me that he was going to make sure Jaxon "didn't get stung by bees, that he wouldn't get poked by any sharp objects, that he wouldn't take his pants off at church", you know, all the important stuff.

Jax just enjoying life with a nice ocean breeze!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Senior Day! I'm so proud of you babe.. it's been a fun journey, and you know I'll miss those football pants!

I can't believe that we are done with UTEP football! It has been such a fun five years. We have made so many good friends and made the best memories! We love El Paso and may not be saying goodbye forever..

My beautiful little sis Jenny got married a few weeks after Jaxon was born. We were so excited to find such a mini tux!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm new at this whole blogging thing so I don't exactly know how to put things where I want them, but I'm sure you can figure out what order this is all supposed to go.. anyway, Jamar is seriously the best (and most proud) daddy ever! He's that guy in the grocery store that will ask the cashier if she has ever seen a cuter baby.. embarrassing! But I'm sure you will all agree that when you see your husband with that baby in his arms it makes you fall in love all over again..